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Featured: Interviews for the Well-Informed

Featured: Interviews for the Well-Informed

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

DN Speak moves to DN Speak 2016

Hi, everyone!   We have some good news!  This blog is moving to a new location called DN Speak 2016, with an improved format.  This is necessary because we have so many posts in our collection that Google/Blogger can no longer back them up.  This move will enable us to resume publishing a simultaneous second version with more flexible views, which we had to discontinue 13 months ago when a critical Blogger function broke due to the volume of our posts.

When should I visit the new DN Speak 2016?

How about today?  

Can I still read new articles on this original DN Speak site?

You will still see a small number of new posts appearing here as we exhaust some we already had ready to be published.  But posts dealing with the very latest news are going to be found DN Speak 2016 rather than here.

Can I still subscribe to have new posts show up in my mailbox?

Yes! But you need do visit DN Speak 2016 to sign up for it.

What about existing older posts?  Will they still be here so I can catch up on ones I missed?

Yes.  We'll still keep here what is here now.  We just aren't adding any new content.   All posts dealing with the most current events are at the new location.

Thank you for being a reader.  We trust that you will find DN Speak 2016 even better than this original site, and we look forward to seeing you there soon!

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